In one of America's deadliest cities, police have struggled to solve killings due to staffing shortages, shoddy detective work and lack of community trust.
Esta adaptación al español del exitoso podcast, conducido por la periodista de investigación Valeria Fernández, recoge información adicional para los padres hispanohablantes que tienen hijos aprendiendo a leer en inglés en las escuelas estadounidenses.
Millions of kids can't read well. Scientists have known for decades how children learn to read but many schools are ignoring the research. They buy teacher training and books that are rooted in a disproven idea. Emily Hanford investigates four authors and a publishing company that have made millions selling this idea.
The Sent Away podcast tells the story of Utah's multi-million dollar troubled teen industry and the government agencies that failed to stop it.
Less than three months before a presidential election reliant on voting-by-mail, the U.S. Postal Service's own data shows slow mail delivery in regions that include critical battleground states. Postal performance data analyzed by APM Reports shows that the postal districts serving some large cities in swing states failed to meet the government's on-time targets for first-class mail, the class of mail widely used to mail out absentee ballots.
An APM Reports investigation has found that a federal transportation grant program is being used much like earmarks once were.
As part of an investigation into Taser effectiveness, APM Reports compiled a database of fatal police shootings that involved a Taser between 2015 and 2017. We reviewed nearly 3,000 shootings nationwide and found 258 in which a Taser had failed to subdue someone before the police shot and killed them. In more than a third of those incidents, the suspect became more aggressive after a Taser was used, indicating that it may have escalated the situation.