State/ Territory Project Category Estimated Cost State NGA Trump Adviser Unions Infrastructure Consultants
AK King Cove Cold Bay Road Highways/Bridges
AK Ambler Mining District Road Highways/Bridges
AK Alaska Pipeline & LNG Project Oil/Gas $45 billion
AK Port Clarence & Nome Port system Ports
AK McKenzie Rail Extension Rails
AL Mobile River Bridge Highways/Bridges
AL I-422 Birmingham Northern Beltline Highways/Bridges
AL Project Trinity Highways/Bridges
AL Montgomery Outer Loop Highways/Bridges
AL Modernizing and Expediting the Mobile Harbour Expansion Ports
AL Broadband Projects Telecommunications
AR, OK, TN Plains & Eastern Electric Transmission Project Electricity/ Transmission $2 billion
AR, TN Mississippi River Crossing at Memphis Highways/Bridges $600 million
AZ I-10 Capacity and Safety Improvements Highways/Bridges $250 million
AZ Tuscon State Route 189 Highways/Bridges $135 million
AZ State Road 260 Lion Springs Highways/Bridges $45 million
AZ US-93 Carrow-Stephens Highways/Bridges $35 million
AZ I-15 Bridge #2 Highways/Bridges $30 million
AZ Mercury floor remediation Public Safety, Schools $8.4 million
AZ HVAC Replacement and Plant optimization Schools $18 million
AZ Open well capping Water $3.6 million
AZ Williams Well Installation Water $3 million
AZ Jerome System upgrade and reservoir repair Water
AZ Arizona Dept of Environmental Quality Water Quality $40 million
AZ Domestic water for lead content Water Quality, Schools $39 million
AZ, CA, NM, TX I-10 Corridor Improvement Highways/Bridges
AZ, CA, NV, UT, WY TransWest Express Transmission Line Electricity/ Transmission $3 billion
AZ, NM Southline Transmission Project Electricity/ Transmission
AZ, NM SunZia Transmission Project Electricity/ Transmission
CA Folsom Dam Dams/ Flood Control
CA Lower Elkhorn Basin Levee Dams/ Flood Control
CA American River Basin Project Dams/ Flood Control
CA Sacramento River Bank Protection Project Dams/ Flood Control
CA San Luis Reservoir Dams/ Flood Control
CA Marysville Rign Levee Dams/ Flood Control
CA Salton Sea Ecosystem Enhancement
CA Earthquake warning Emergency Response
CA 911 upgrades Emergency Response
CA First Responders training center Emergency Response
CA Northern CA Regional Emergency Operations Center Emergency Response
CA Los Alamitos regional emergency operations center Emergency Response
CA Soda Mountain Solar Energy $765 million
CA Riverside County Hydroelectric Energy
CA San Vincente Reservoir Energy
CA Electricity grid improvement Energy
CA I-405 express lanes Highways/Bridges $1.9 billion
CA I-710 Interchanges Highways/Bridges
CA Otay Mesa Mexican border security Highways/Bridges
CA I-80/I-680 interchange Highways/Bridges
CA SR 99 interchange Highways/Bridges
CA SR 99/SR58 connectors Highways/Bridges
CA I-5 rail and managed lanes Highways/Bridges
CA Highway 15 express lanes Highways/Bridges
CA I-10 express lanes Highways/Bridges
CA Gerald Desmond Bridge Highways/Bridges
CA Multi-county express lane network Highways/Bridges
CA I-5 HOV lane Highways/Bridges
CA US 101 HOV lane Highways/Bridges
CA Highway 156 express lanes Highways/Bridges
CA I-5 rail and highway grade separation Highways/Bridges
CA US 101 HOV lane Highways/Bridges
CA LA metro transit expansion Mass Transit
CA Orange County streetcars Mass Transit
CA San Jose Bart Mass Transit
CA Caltrain Peninsula Corridor Mass Transit
CA Modernize BART and MUNI Mass Transit
CA Highspeed rail Mass Transit
CA Sacramento streetcars Mass Transit
CA The Veterans Health Research Institute Military $1 billion
CA Los Alamitos Airfield Military
CA Army National Guard helicopter facility Military
CA Yountville Veterans Home Military
CA Port of Long Beach Rail Ports
CA Rural broadband Telecommunications
CA Cadiz Water Conveyance Project Water $250 million
CA California WaterFix (Bay Delta Tunnels) Water Quality $15 billion
CA Huntington Beach Desalination Plant Water Quality $350 million
CA Recharge Fresno Water Quality
CA LA Regional Recycled Water Program Water Quality
CA Pure Water Monterey Water Quality
CA Pure Water San Diego Water Quality
CA North Bay Water Reuse Project Water Quality
CA SF Westside Recycled Water Project Water Quality
CA Modernize LA metro fleet Mass Transit
CO Rio Grande Dam Rehabilitation - San Luis Valley Irrigation District Dams
CO Walsenburg City Lake, Daigre, Wahatoya Dams Dams
CO Denver Federal Center Redevelopment General Infrastructure $2.5 billion
CO Colorado I-70 Mountain Corridor Highways/Bridges $1 billion
CO Colorado I-25 North Capacity Imrovements Highways/Bridges $500 million
CO Colorado I-25 South Capacity Improvements Highways/Bridges $500 million
CO Statewide Broadband (middle mile) network Telecommunications
CO Goose Pasture Tarn Water
CO, UT, WY Gateway South Electricity/ Transmission
CT Walk Bridge Replacement Highways/Bridges $700 million
CT I-84/Route 8 Interchange Bridge Rehabilitation Program Highways/Bridges $190 million
CT Gold Star Bridge Rehabilitation Highways/Bridges $100 million
CT Atlantic Street Bridge Replacement Highways/Bridges $98 million
CT Norwich Public Utilities - Greater Norwich Water $3.6 million
CT Charter Oak Bridge, Hartford Water Quality $287 million
CT Torrington, CT Water Quality $65 million
CT Metropolitan District Commission - Hartford Sewer Overflows Water Quality $48 million
CT Groton Utilities Water Quality $42 million
CT Metropolitan District Commission - Hartford Sewage Processing Water Quality $21 million
CT Metropolitan Distict Commission - Bloomfield Water Quality $13 million
CT Greater New Haven Water Pollution Control Authority - New Haven Water Quality $11 million
DC DC Union Station Expansion and Rehab Mass Transit $8.7 billion
DC Area Federal Bureau of Investigation New HQ General Infrastructure $2.5 billion
DE River Road Readiness Center Other Phases Military
DE RRTS Baffle Range Military
DE Camden Readiness Center Military
DE The Camden Facility Maintenance Shop Military
DE River Road Readiness Center Phase 1 Military
DE BBTS Barracks and Fitness Center / OPAT Military
FL Orlando Airport Airports
FL Herbert Hoover Dike Repair Dams/ Flood Control $579 million
FL Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Program Ecosystem Enhancement $900 million
FL I-4 Beyond the Ultimate - Orange County Highways/Bridges $1.1 billion
FL SR 869/SW 10th Street - Broward County Highways/Bridges $629 million
FL First Coast Expressway - Clay/St. Johns Counties Highways/Bridges $467 million
FL I-75/US 30 Interchange Rebuild - Manatee County Highways/Bridges $180 million
FL I-95/I-395 Reconstruction Highways/Bridges
FL Brightline (Florida High-Speed Rail Project) Mass Transit $6.4 billion
FL Florida Port Dredging Ports $579 million
FL Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Capital Improvement Plan Water Quality $13.5 billion
GA Savannah Harbor Expansion Acceleration Ports
GU Hagatna Flood Mitigation Dams/ Flood Control
GU Tiyan Parkway, Ph II Highways/Bridges
GU Prioritized Village Road Resurfacing Highways/Bridges
GU Tumon Bay Road & Flood Improvements Highways/ Bridges, Dams/ Flood Control
GU Hospital Expansion Project Public Safety
HI Honolulu International Airport Airports $65 million
HI H1 East Bound Widening Highways/Bridges $160 million
HI Kuhio Highway Highways/Bridges $60 million
HI Honolulu Rail Transit Mass Transit $1.5 billion
HI Hawaii Broadand Initiative (Landing Stations) Telecommunications $350 million
IA Des Moines International Airport Modernization Airports $506 million
IA Cedar Rapids Flood Mitigation Dams/ Flood Control $230 million
IA Upper Mississippi River Locks and Dams Modernization Dams/Locks
IA I-80/I-380 Interchange Highways/Bridges
IA Lewis and Clark Regional Water System Water $198 million
IA, IL Rock Island Clean Line Project (HVDC) Electricity/ Transmission $1.9 billion
ID SH-16 I-84 to Chinden Highways/Bridges $380 million
ID I-84 Nampa to Caldwell Highways/Bridges $330 million
ID US-95 Granite to Sandpoint Highways/Bridges $300 million
ID US-20 Idaho Falls to Idaho National Laboratory Highways/Bridges $250 million
ID US-20/26 Chinden - Boise to Caldwell Highways/Bridges $200 million
ID US-93 Alt Snake River Crossing Highways/Bridges $200 million
ID US-30 Lava Hot Springs Highways/Bridges $200 million
ID US-20 I-15 to Lewisville Highway Highways/Bridges $200 million
ID US-95 Thorncreek to Moscow Highways/Bridges $50 million
ID Army National Guard (ARNG) Maneuver Training Center (MTC) Military $51 million
ID Digital Air Ground integrated range (DAGIR) Military $39 million
ID Health Clinic and Twin Falls project Military $37 million
ID Barracks replacement Military $28 million
ID Range projects Military $26 million
ID Joint Operations, Training, and Medical Facility Military $12 million
ID Purchase and Install 18 Aircraft Sunshades Military $9 million
ID Regional Training Institute (RTI) Add Transient Soldier/Student Unaccompanied Personnel Housing (UPH), Advanced Skills Trainees Military $8 million
ID Repair Aprons and Taxiway Military $1.7 million
ID Consolidate Squad Ops B-1500 Military $1.6 million
ID Repair Taxiway E Pavements Military $580,000
ID, WY Gateway West Electricity/ Transmission
IL Romeoville (Lewis) Air Traffic Control Tower Airports $5.5 million
IL Hickory/Spring Creeks Flood Control Project Dams/ Flood Control $11 million
IL I&M Canal - Dupage River Spillway Replacement Dams/ Flood Control $3 million
IL Illinois River Locks Dams/Locks
IL Illinois Beach - Offshore Shoreline Stabilization Ecosystem Enhancement $35 million
IL 75th Street Corridor Improvement Project, CREATE Highways/Bridges $476 million
IL Eastbound US 150 (McClugage) Bridge Replacement over IL River Highways/Bridges $185 million
IL IL 97 Lane Expansion Highways/Bridges $84 million
IL Beardstown Bridge Replacement Highways/Bridges $70 million
IL IL Route 47 Improvements Highways/Bridges $64 million
IL I-90 Expressway Lane Expansion Highways/Bridges $32 million
IL Delhi Bypass to Madison/ Jerseyville Highways/Bridges $26 million
IL Granite City Harbor Lead Track Revitalization Highways/Bridges $7.8 million
IL Chicago Union Station Redevelopment Mass Transit $1 billion
IL Red and Purple Line Modernization, Chicago Mass Transit
IL, KY Locks and Dams 52 and 53 on the Ohio River Dams/Locks $3 billion
IL, MO Merchants Rail Bridge Replacement Highways/Bridges $215 million
IN I-69 Section 6 Highways/Bridges
IN US-31 freeway Highways/Bridges
IN US-30 freeway Highways/Bridges
IN I-69 Ohio River crossing Highways/Bridges
IN I-65/I-70 border-to-border expansion Highways/Bridges
IN US231 mid-state corridor Highways/Bridges
IN South Shore Line Double-track Mass Transit
KS I-70 in Thomas and Gove Counties Highways/Bridges $122 million
KS I-235 in Sedgwick County Highways/Bridges $92 million
KS Lewis and Clark Viaduct on I-70 Highways/Bridges $64 million
KS Streambank stabilization Water $5.5 million
KS John Redmond Reservoir dredging Water Quality $17 million
KS, MO, IL Grainbelt Express Transmission Line (HVDC) Electricity/ Transmission $1.6 billion
KY Completing I-69 corridor Highways/Bridges
KY Widening of I-75 Highways/Bridges
KY I-71 corridor Highways/Bridges
KY US 127 corridor Highways/Bridges
KY, OH The Brent Spence Bridge Highways/Bridges $2.5 billion
LA Houma Navigation Canal Lock Complex Dams/Locks $384 million
LA INHC Lock Replacement, New Orleans Dams/Locks
LA Completion of the Comite Diversion Canal Project Dams/ Locks/ Flood Control $185 million
LA Miscellaneous highway and airport projects General Infrastructure $240 million
LA Completion of the LA 1Bridge in Leeville Highways/Bridges $320 million
LA Rural Bridge replacement program Highways/Bridges $150 million
LA Peter's Road Bridge Construction Highways/Bridges $125 million
LA LA I Bridge replacement of the Intercostal Canal in West Baton Rouge Highways/Bridges $80 million
LA 1-10 Expansion for the Bridge to the split in Baton Rouge Highways/Bridges
LA Critical Interstate Widening efforts Highways/Bridges
LA Lake Pontchartrain Bridge Highways/Bridges
LA Construction of two new ferries for the Cameron Parish crossing of the Calcasieu River Mass Transit $18 million
LA Lake Charles Methanol Oil/Gas $3.8 billion
LA Shortline Railroad improvements Rails $300,000
LA Mid-Barataria Sediment Diversion Water $1.3 billion
LA Mid-Breton Sediment Diversion Water $696 million
LA Calcasieu Salinity Control Measures Water $441 million
LA River Reintroduction to Maurepas Swamp Water $187 million
LA Southwest Pass Mississippi River Channel Dredging Dams/Locks $1 billion
MA Renovation and addition to the facility that houses the headquarters of the MA Emergency Management Agency and the State Emergency Operations Center Emergency Response $20 million
MA "K Circle" (Kosciuszko Circle) Highways/Bridges $117 million
MA MBTA Green Line Extension, Boston Mass Transit $2.3 billion
MA Boston Harbor Port Improvements Ports $550 million
MA Massachusetts State Police Crime Laboratory Public Safety $150 million
MA Positive Train Control Rails $426 million
MA Broadband for unserved towns Telecommunications $109 million
MD U.S. Department of State - Foreign Mission Center General Infrastructure $8.4 billion
MD Howard Street Tunnel Highways/Bridges $445 million
MD Access I-95 Highways/Bridges $183 million
MD I-81 Corridor Widening Project Highways/Bridges $163 million
MD I-270 Multi-Model Study Highways/Bridges
MD I-495 American Legion Bridge Highways/Bridges
MD Maryland Purple Line Mass Transit $5.6 billion
MD Baltimore-Washington SCMAGLEV Project Mass Transit $69 million
MD Tradepoint Atlantic Ports $200 million
MD Port Covington Ports
MD, NC, PA, SC, VA Atlantic Sunrise Oil/Gas $1.6 billion
ME Highway bridge improvements Highways/Bridges $250 million
ME Barge/tug service Ports $135 million
ME Rail improvements Rails $75 million
MI Soo Locks Modernization Project Dams/Locks $580 million
MI Brandon Road Lock and Dam Dams/Locks
MI American Center for Mobility General Infrastructure
MI Gordie Howe International Bridge Highways/Bridges $4.5 billion
MI Blue Water Bridge Customs Plaza Expansion Highways/Bridges
MI M-1 Rail, Detroit Mass Transit $528 million
MI Broadband Telecommunications
MI Fraser Sewer Line Reconstruction Water
MI Lead Service Pipe Replacement Water Quality
MN Minnesota Power's Great Northern Transmission Line Energy $700 million
MN Highway 14 lane upgrade Highways/Bridges $340 million
MN Southwest Light Rail Transit Project Mass Transit $1.9 billion
MN Moorhead Rail Grade Separation Rails $51 million
MN State-wide border-to-border broadband access Telecommunications $150 million
MN, ND Fargo-Moorhead Metro Area Flood Risk Management Dams/ Flood Control $1.75 billion
MO Missouri aviation classification repair activity depot Airports $52 million
MO Kansas City Airport Airports
MO St. Louis Airport Airports
MO Upper Mississippi Locks 20-25 Dams/Locks
MO I-70 in Thomas and Gove Counties Highways/Bridges
MO Modernize multiple readiness centers Public Safety $39 million
MP Saipan International Airport Airports
MP Powerplant Rehabilitation and Modernization Project Energy
MP Saipan Landfill Project General Infrastructure
MP Saipan Waterline Modernization Project Water
MP Saipan Wastewater Facility Modernization Water Quality
MS US-49/Coast to Capital Connector Highways/Bridges $4.6 billion
MS I-69 Highways/Bridges $1.8 billion
MS SR 601/Canal Road Highways/Bridges $357 million
MS I-10 Widening Highways/Bridges $206 million
MS Port of Gulfport Dredging Ports $250 million
MS, PR SeaOne Puerto Rico Fuel Supply Oil/Gas $1.8 billion
MT Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program Grants/Subsidies $213 million
MT Home Investment Partnership Grants/Subsidies $22 million
MT Community Development Block Grant Program Grants/Subsidies $21 million
MT Housing Trust Fund Grants/Subsidies $5.4 million
MT Laurel to Lockwood I-90 Highways/Bridges $120 million
MT Billings Bypass Highways/Bridges $95 million
MT Russel Street Expansion Highways/Bridges $53 million
MT Yellowstone River Bridge Highways/Bridges $45 million
MT Whitefish Urban Highways/Bridges $32 million
MT US-93 Highways/Bridges $25 million
MT Regional Behavior Center Public Safety $22 million
MT Billings Clinic Public Safety
National NextGen Air Traffic Control System Airports $10 billion
National Energy Storage and Grid Modernization Energy $50 billion
National VA Medical Center Modernization Program Military $3.5 billion
National Hydroelectric Plants operated by USACE Energy $4 billion
NC I-295 Fayetteville Loop Highways/Bridges
NC Winston-Salem northern beltway Highways/Bridges
NC I-40/I-77 interchange Highways/Bridges
NC I-26 widening Highways/Bridges
NC US-74 widening Highways/Bridges
NC I-485 widening Highways/Bridges
NC I-95 Critical Highway Repairs Highways/Bridges
NC Durham-Orange light rail Mass Transit
NC, VA, WV Atlantic Coast Pipeline Oil/Gas $5 billion
ND Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Dams/ Flood Control $325 million
ND ND 1804 Rehabilitation Highways/Bridges $230 million
ND I-94 and Bridge Rehabilitation Highways/Bridges $167 million
ND Statewide Interoperable Network Public Safety $172 million
NE Lincoln South Beltway Highways/Bridges $300 million
NE I-80, WY State Line to Bushnell Highways/Bridges $48 million
NE US-75 Murray to Plattsmouth Highways/Bridges $45 million
NE I-80 24th to 13th St in Omaha Highways/Bridges $15 million
NH NHANG Aircraft Parking Ramp Repair Phase III Airports $13 million
NH NHANG Aircraft Parking Ramp Repair Phase IV Airports $11 million
NH NHANG Aircraft Parking Ramp Repair Phase V Airports $4.4 million
NH Baker River Flood Control Dams/High Hazard Dams Dams/ Flood Control $5.1 million
NH Reconstruction of Ossipee Lake Dam Dams/ Flood Control $4.9 million
NH Dam Repair Dams/ Flood Control $3.5 million
NH Mendums Dam Phase III Construction/High Hazard Dam Dams/ Flood Control $2 million
NH Northern Pass Transmission Line Electricity/ Transmission $1.6 billion
NH Manchester 16099 - FE Everett Turnpike Reconstruct Exit 6 & 7 Highways/Bridges $152 million
NH Nashua - Bedford 13761 - FE Everett Turnpike widening Highways/Bridges $70 million
NH I-93 4th Lane/Exit 4A Highways/Bridges $65 million
NH Hinsdale - Brattleboro 12210 - Replace NH 119 Bridges over the Connecticut River Highways/Bridges $45 million
NH Lebanon-Hartford 16148, Rehabilitate and Widen I-89 bridges over the Connecticut River Highways/Bridges $35 million
NH Portsmouth-Kittery 16189 I-95 Bridge Rehabilitation Highways/Bridges $22 million
NH NHARNG Littleton Readiness Center Military $18 million
NH NHARNG Concord Entry Control Point Improvements Military $3 million
NH NHARNG Lebanon Readiness Center Addition Military $2.6 million
NH ARNG Readiness Center Transformation Master Plan (RCTMP) Military
NH Portsmouth 15731 - Port Functional replacement Ports $18 million
NH UNH/Durham Water Treatment Plant Water Quality $20 million
NH Southern NH Regional Water System Interconnection Solution Water Quality $14 million
NH Litchfield Merrimack River Crossing Water Quality $8 million
NH Crown Point Road Area Water Line Project in Rochester Water Quality $4 million
NH Epping Water Line Extension Water Quality $2 million
NH Coakley Landfill Water Line Project Water Quality $1 million
NJ Port Newark Container Terminal Improvements Ports $500 million
NJ, NY Gateway Rail Tunnel Mass Transit $20 billion
NJ, PA PennEast Oil/Gas $1.6 billion
NM DPS Interoperability Public Safety
NM New crime lab Public Safety
NM Santa Teresa Intermodal facilities Rails
NM Augustin Plains Ranch Water $600 million
NM Remediation of Carlsbad Brine well Water
NV Reno/Sparks General Infrastructure
NV Project Neon Highways/Bridges
NV I-80/I-580 Interchange Highways/Bridges
NV Interstate 11 Highways/Bridges
NV 215/I-15 interchange Highways/Bridges
NV US 395/ Lemmon Drive Interchange Highways/Bridges
NV Apex Rail Spur Rails
NV Rural broadband Telecommunications
NV Apex Industrial - water infrastructure Water
NY JFK Airport Airports $10 billion
NY Electrical Grid Modernization and transmission Electricity/ Transmission $17 billion
NY Champlain Hudson Power Express Electricity/ Transmission $2.2 billion
NY Offshore Wind Power Energy $9 billion
NY Large Scale Renewable Energy Projects Energy $39 billion
NY I-81 Viaduct Highways/Bridges $4 billion
NY Complete I-86 Highways/Bridges $1.6 billion
NY K-Bridge Phase 2 Highways/Bridges $600 million
NY Second Avenue Subway - Phases 2 & 3 Mass Transit $14.2 billion
NY Air Train Project Mass Transit $6 billion
NY Buffalo/NFTA Metro Rail Expansion Mass Transit $1.2 billion
NY Automatic Electronic Tolling Mass Transit $750 million
NY Penn Station: Moynihan Train Hall, LIRR Concourse & 8th Avenue Penn Entrance Mass Transit $500 million
NY New NY Broadband Telecommunications $170 million
NY Town of Orleans Public Water Suppy Water $14 million
NY City of Poughkeepsie Water Storage Tanks and Water Main Replacement Water $12 million
NY Town of Babylon Resiliency and Main Upgrades Water $6.9 million
NY Village of Lake Placid Sewer and Stormwater System Upgrades Water $6.2 million
NY Wappingers Falls Replacement of Water Distribution Mains Water $5 million
NY Suffolk County Sewers and Forge River Watershed Water Quality $383 million
NY Bay Park Nitrogen Reduction Water Quality $354 million
NY Oneida County Mohawk River and Marcy Nanocenter Water Quality $117 million
NY City of Schenectady Sewer and Treatment Capacity Water Quality $24 million
NY Village of Wappingers Falls Wastewater Treatment Water Quality $20 million
NY Leeds and Jefferson Heights Sewer Construction Water Quality $13 million
NY Village of Ocean Beach Sewer System Improvement Water Quality $12 million
NY Buffalo Sewer Authority Water Quality Improvement Water Quality $12 million
NY Wayne County Sewer Improvement Water Quality $11 million
NY Village of Phoenix Wastewater Treatment Upgrade Water Quality $6.8 million
NY Watkins Glen and Montour Falls Wastewater Treatment Upgrades Water Quality $6.2 million
NY Town of Oneonta Wells, Storage Tank, and Distribution Water Quality $6 million
NY Ellicottville Wastewater Treatment Upgrades Water Quality $5.8 million
NY Marcellus Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade Water Quality $5.5 million
OH Upper Ohio Navigation Improvements Dams/Locks
OH Ohio Waste-to-Energy Facility Energy $100 million
OH, PA, WV Mariner East 2 (gas) Oil/Gas $3 billion
OK Tulsa International Airport Airports $43 million
OK McClellan/Kerr Navigation System Dams/Locks $135 million
OK I-40 Reconstruction and Added Capacity Highways/Bridges $300 million
OK US-75 Added Capacity Highways/Bridges $300 million
OK I-44/I-235 Interchange Reconstruction and Added Capacity Highways/Bridges $150 million
OK I-44 Reconstruction and Added Capacity Highways/Bridges
OK Railroad Crossing Safety Improvements Rails $50 million
OR Jordon Cove LNG Oil/Gas $6 billion
OR Levee Repair and Improvements - Statewide Dams/Locks $3.9 billion
OR I-205 and OR-217 Portland Metro-Area Operational Enhancements and Congestion Relief Highways/Bridges $550 million
OR I-5 South Salem and Albany Improvements Highways/Bridges
OR ODOT Seismic Plus Plan - Phase 1 and US 97 Expansion and Operational Enhancements Public Safety $1 billion
OR Broadband Telecommunications $80 million
OR Water Infrastructure, Deschutes Basin Irrigation Project Water $7.6 billion
PA Monongahela River Locks and Dams Dams/Locks
PA I-95S Columbia Ave - North of Ann St Highways/Bridges $265 million
PA East Shore Section 1 Highways/Bridges $134 million
PA Route 1 improvement - South Highways/Bridges $85 million
PA Highland Park Bridge Interchange Improvements Highways/Bridges $65 million
PA I-83 Exit 4 Highways/Bridges $19 million
PA 15 Bridges on I-95, Philadelphia Highways/Bridges
PA King of Prussia Rail Mass Transit $1.1 billion
PA Downtown-Uptown-Oakland-East End Corridor bus rapid transit Mass Transit $250 million
PA, NY Project Compass Electricity/ Transmission $4 billion
PA, NY Constitution Pipeline Co. LLC Oil/Gas $683 million
RI Quonset State Airport OQU RW Rehab Airports
RI Clear River Energy Energy $700 million
RI Route 6 / 10 Connector Highways/Bridges $800 million
RI Reconstruction of the 6/10 Interchange Highways/Bridges
RI Northbound Viaduct: Rt 6/10 Interchange Highways/Bridges
RI RIDOT 2017 Bridge Projects (Statewide) Highways/Bridges
RI Narragansett Bay Commission Water $815 million
RI Providence Water - Water Main Replacement Water
SC Port of Charleston deepening Ports $180 million
SC South Carolina Dams Accelerated Repairs Dams/Locks
SC Interstate improvement Highways/Bridges $2 billion
SC Congestion reduction Highways/Bridges $2 billion
SC Road safety improvement Highways/Bridges $500 million
SC Bridge repair Highways/Bridges $500 million
SD Animal disease research and diagnostic laboratory General Infrastructure
SD Sanford Underground research facility General Infrastructure
SD Highway 100 Highways/Bridges
SD Bridge Replacement over the Big Sioux River Highways/Bridges
SD Lewis and Clark Regional Water System Water
TN Chickamauga Lock Dams/Locks
TN Lamar Ave - Memphis Highways/Bridges $252 million
TN I-69 - Obion County Highways/Bridges $237 million
TN Alcoa Highway Highways/Bridges $183 million
TN US 127 - Cumberland/Fentress Counties Highways/Bridges $159 million
TN I-40 Widening - Jackson Highways/Bridges $66 million
TN I-440 Davidson County Highways/Bridges $50 million
TN SR 109 Wilson County Highways/Bridges $19 million
TX Gulf Coast National Energy Protection Project Energy $6 billion
TX National Research Lab General Infrastructure $2 billion
TX Traffic Management Systems Initiative - Austin area rollout General Infrastructure $75 million
TX Houston ConnectSmart - Traffic Management System General Infrastructure $60 million
TX Mobility35 Comprehensive Projects Highways/Bridges $1 billion
TX I-35 improvements, San Antonio Highways/Bridges $1 billion
TX LBJ East Dallas (Tolled/Managed Lanes) Highways/Bridges $750 million
TX Grand Parkway Segment B, Houston Highways/Bridges $500 million
TX SH 121 from SH 114 to Dallas County Line Highways/Bridges $370 million
TX LBJ East Dallas (without Tolled/Managed Lanes) Highways/Bridges $300 million
TX IH 10 West from FM 359 to the Brazos River Highways/Bridges $250 million
TX IH 10 East from US 90A to SH 130 in Seguin Highways/Bridges $200 million
TX IH 10 West from FM 3351 to SH 46 in Boerne Highways/Bridges $200 million
TX IH 45 Noth south of Huntsville Highways/Bridges $150 million
TX IH 820 from Randol Mill Road to SH 121 Highways/Bridges $150 million
TX SH 360 from SH 180 to I-20 Highways/Bridges $50 million
TX Sabine Neches Waterway Channel Improvement Project Ports $1.1 billion
TX Corpus Christi Ship Channel Ports $353 million
TX Freeport Harbor Improvement Project Ports $239 million
TX Brazos Island Harbor Dredging Project (Port of Brownsville) Ports $211 million
TX Texas Central Railway Rails $12 billion
TX Cotton Belt Line Rail Project Rails $1.1 billion
TX Texas Freight Shuttle System Rails $1 billion
UT Mountain View Corridor Full Build Highways/Bridges $3.3 billion
UT I-15, 600 North in Salt Lake City to I-84 Highways/Bridges $2.5 billion
UT West Davis Highway, SR-127 (Antelope Dr) to I-15/US-89/Legacy Parkway Highways/Bridges $700 million
UT I-15, Managed Lanes Highways/Bridges $130 million
UT I-15, NB 9000 S to I-215 Braided Ramp or Frontage Road Highways/Bridges $120 million
UT SR-201, Exxtension to SR-36 Highways/Bridges $100 million
VA Lake Cohoon Dam Rehabilitation Dams/Locks $168 million
VA Abandoned Mine Site Closed-Loop Pump Storage Hydro Electric Generation Facilit Energy $7 million
VA Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel Expansion Highways/Bridges
VA Long Bridge Replacement Highways/Bridges
VA Arlington Memorial Bridge Highways/Bridges
VA Channel dredging Ports
VA Central State Hospital Public Safety
VA DC to RVA Rail Project Rails
VA Orange County, VA Broadband Telecommunications $29 million
VA Sustainable Water Initiative for Tomorrow Water $1 billion
VA, WV Mountain Valley Pipeline Oil/Gas $1.2 billion
VI Complete Modernization of the Cyril E. King Airport (St. Thomas) Airports
VI Complete Modernization of the Paul E. Joseph Stadium (St. Croix) General Infrastructure
VI Phase 2 of the Veteran's Drive Project (Route 30 - St. Thomas) Highways/Bridges
VI Rebuild and Enhance the Queen Mary Highway (Route 70 - St. Croix) Highways/Bridges
VI Construct a Public High School for the Island of St. John Schools
VT New England Clean Power Link Electricity/ Transmission $1.2 billion
VT I-89 and I-91 Trade Corridor Bridges Highways/Bridges $150 million
VT NHS Freight Corridor Critical Improvements Highways/Bridges $100 million
WA Army Corps of Engineers inland waterways improvement projects Water
WA Broadband Telecommunications $25 million
WA Energy storage & grid modernization Energy $500 million
WA Ferry construction Mass Transit $150 million
WA Fish barrier removal Ecosystem Enhancement $500 million
WA I-405/SR-522 widening Highways/Bridges $450 million
WA I-90 Snoqualmie Pass, Widen to Easton Highways/Bridges $390 million
WA Ports modernization Ports $413 million
WA Safe drinking water projects Water Quality $149 million
WA Seattle Airport Expansion Airports $10 billion
WA Small airport maintenance and modernization Airports $3.6 billion
WA Sound Transit Light Rail acceleration Mass Transit $17.9 billion
WA SR 107/Chehalis River Bridge approach Highways/Bridges $13 million
WA SR 167/SR 509 Gateway Project Highways/Bridges $150 million
WA Transportation system electrification & modernization Mass Transit $2 billion
WA Tsunami & seismic resiliency Public Safety
WA Ultra High Speed Rail Mass Transit $10 billion
WA US 12/Wallula to Nine Mile widening Highways/Bridges $250 million
WA Washington seismically at-risk bridge replacement (I-5 and US-2) Highways/Bridges $4 billion
WA Wildfire resiliency Public Safety $50 million
WA Yakima, Columbia & Chehalis basin water resources projects for supply, ecosystem & flood protection Ecosystem Enhancement $4.2 billion
WI Dane County Regional Airport Taxiway project Airports $22 million
WI General Mitchell International Airport Taxiway project Airports $3.5 million
WI Appleton International Airport Rescue & Firefighting project Airports, Public Safety $15 million
WI I-94 North South Corridor Highways/Bridges $300 million
WI Zoo Interchange North Leg Highways/Bridges $300 million
WI I-39/90 Expansion Highways/Bridges $150 million
WI Freight rail improvements Rails $26 million
WV I-64 widen from US-35 to Nitro including new bridge across Kanawha River; Reconstruct I/Cs Highways/Bridges
WV Rehabilitate and/or Replace I-70 Bridges, Ohio County Highways/Bridges
WV Corridor H - US-219 Connector to WV-72 I/C ,Tucker County Highways/Bridges
WV Construct 4-Lane Tolsia Highway to Pritchard to I-64, Wayne County Highways/Bridges
WV I-64 Widen- Barboursville to East Mall Road including Mall Road O/P Bridge, Cabell County Highways/Bridges
WV King Coal Highway - WV 123 Airport Road, Mercer County Highways/Bridges
WV Appalachian Storage Hub and Piping Infrastructure - Ohio and Kanawha River Valleys Oil/Gas
WY Chokecherry and Sierra Madre Wind Energy Project Energy $5 billion
WY Beartooth Highway Highways/Bridges
WY I-80 /I-25 Interchange Highways/Bridges
WY I-80 Critical Highway and Bridge Repairs Highways/Bridges
WY Wind River Tunnel modifications Highways/Bridges